Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Military "Toon" Art

I discovered Steve Barba's art this week. He posted samples of his art on an automotive art Facebook page I belong to and I thought it needed to be shared with you all here.

Steve is a fellow veteran who did his time in the Air Force keeping the "Heavies" (his words) aloft as a mechanic.

I have never seen "Tooned" military aircraft art before. If you know of an artist that does military art of any kind, please refer them to me and I'll share it here as well.

Here you go:

To help show the contrast of just how different Steve's military aircraft art is, here are a few samples of a celebrated traditional military aircraft artist, Roy Grinnell:

Thank you to Steve Barba and the Roy Grinnell Aviation Art Fan Page on Facebook for access to the images you see here today.

To see more please link over to their respective web pages - for Steve's art sales and to see more of Roy Grinnell's art.

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