Friday, November 27, 2015

Cyber Monday Reduced Prices and Free Shipping On The New Cold War Veteran T-Shirt Choices

I have had feedback asking for a personal choice of t-shirt to be included with joining The Proud Cold Warrior Society.

Well, here you go. Ask and you shall receive.

I also decided to reduce prices when Spreadshirt, our t-shirt supplier, decided to provide free delivery on orders of two or more shirts.

Double your savings on Black Friday and the Cyber Weekend! The promo ends on December 1st.

Join the Society for the Proud Cold Warrior membership benefits and then order a second Cold War Veteran shirt with your military branch emblem to get free shipping!

I have set up our site to have the following choices of shirt image when you join the Society.

There is the original Proud Cold Warrior logo, Proud Cold Warrior Cold War Veteran version, The SAC "We Were The Wall" t-shirts, and the newest images with each of the military service emblem Cold War Veteran versions nicely placed on the breast pocket location.

The shirts are available as part of the Society sign up or as a separate purchase of the T-shirt alone.

Society membership is reduced to $25.99 from $29.99, and the t-shirt alone is reduced from $25.99 to $21.99 during the promotion.

Click on the image below and it will take you right to the ordering site for access to two pages of choices.

Remember, when joining The Proud Cold Warrior Society, you will receive lifetime membership, a t-shirt, and a suitable for framing 11x17 full color certificate.

Come back and check often as we add new images constantly.

Please email me if you have an idea for a new image. We will take your idea and develop a t-shirt for you.

Join us at The Proud Cold Warrior Society today!

The Proud Cold Warrior

Important note: email me when you join the Society please. Spreadshirt cannot share your contact information because of credit card usage laws and we will have no way to get your certificate to you without you contacting us directly.

Second note: The Spreadshirt legal team rejected our U S Marines version of the Cold War Veteran t-shirt image because of copyright infringement. Who knew the Marines copyrighted their emblem! I have appealed the decision. If I loose the appeal, we will come up with a different one for the Marines. The other 4 branches are represented with t-shirt options.

Original Proud Cold Warrior Logo

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