Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Another Nike Missile Base Being Razed by Progress

HM-95 entrance guard shack now covered in graffitti

Another Nike Missile site that is being razed to make way for a new government facility.

HM-95 was just demolished to clear the land next to a Miami-Dade County immigration detention center. Speculation is that the detention center facility is to be expanded.

Here is an excerpt from the Miami Herald article:

A relic of the Cold War, an old Nike missile radar and tracking site in western Miami-Dade County, has been demolished.

Bulldozers, cranes and dump trucks recently knocked down and carted away some of the remaining structures that once made up the Integrated Fire Control (IFC) ste along Krome Avenue just south of Tamiami Trail.

Built in response to the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, when U.S. spy planes discovered Soviet nuclear missiles on the island, the site was one of several designed to protect Miami against Soviet or Cuban attack. It was formally known as HM-95, Battery D.

Stock photograph of what the base looked like in 1968
How it looks in 2015

Please link over to read the rest of the story here. Scroll through the article's photo stream to see photos of the base now and when it was operational in the 1960s.

More photographs taken before the buildings were demolished are available here.

Thank you to the Miami Herald newspaper website for allowing me to link to this article.
Thank you to the website Abandoned Florida for the additional photographs.

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