Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Voice of Jazz Behind the Iron Curtain

Here is a little something for my European and Russian followers and visitors. Or, if you are just a jazz lover like me.

A trip down memory lane, music wise that is , especially if you are old enough to remember this.

Willis Conover, The Voice of Jazz Behind the Iron Curtain

"Willis Conover was known around the world, but not so much at home. He was the voice of jazz over the Voice of America for over 40 years, most of it during the Cold War. 

Imagine what it was like to sit in the dark of a hushed room in Prague, Moscow or Warsaw, in the 1960s, . . . "

Follow this link to read the full article: The Voice of Jazz

Willis Conover, an expert on jazz, broadcast "Music USA" from his Voice of America studio

Thank you to the website, Public Radio East, for allowing me to re-post this article.

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