Wednesday, July 29, 2015

From Cold War Surveillance to Whale Listening - That's a Switch!

This past week, I've brought you a story on razing a Cold War Nike site for a new municipal building, then a story on a refresh of an old Cold War radar site for updated military use, and today, to quote Monty Python,

 "Now for something completely different" 

Well, not "completely", but different. To carry on the theme of what is happening to Cold War military sites, I decided to share this one. It is different, that is for sure.

A Cold War era UK listening post is to be converted into a tourist attraction where you can listen to whales. That is right, enviro-tourism. I support that the community receives approval from the Ministry of Defense to buy the base and convert it.

Actually, I'd prefer the Ministry of Silly Walks! (explanation link here)

The Cold War existed, in part from the west's viewpoint, to stop the nuclear annihilation of the world, whales are part of that world as well as people. What better way to celebrate winning the Cold War than to convert and old military base into an attraction where environmentalist can educate the public on these creatures and the whale's place in our world. (yes, I am being silly)

Monty Python could have written the script for this story.

On a serious note, I hope there is a section of the attraction that explains the previous purpose of the base so the Cold War era history can be preserved as well as the land. In my real opinion, it is a great idea. I was just having fun by sharing a little British humor to go with the story.

Whale song plan for Cold War listening station on Lewis. Follow this link for the entire article.

The radar station was part of NATO's early warning system against Soviet submarines and aircraft

Thank you to the BBC News website for allowing me to re-post this article.

Thank you to and TheDaveyDuck and harhaus posters for the video use. (Click on the above highlights for video snippets of the comedy routines)

And especially, thank you to the Monty Python troupe for instilling their sense of humor into my life since the 1970s. I enjoy their comedy style immensely.

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