Friday, July 24, 2015

A Cold War relic revived in the new James Bond movie SPECTRE

Most of us Cold Warriors were serving during the height of the James Bond movies. It all started with Dr. No in 1962,
there are a couple with specific Cold War story lines but in reality they all had Cold War overtones.

"From Russia With Love" is one,
and "For Your Eyes Only" is another.

The franchise went on and on until this year's release, SPECTRE. By the trailer it does look like a throwback to the early days of an evil organization (that was a thinly disguised Soviet Union reference by Ian Fleming) causing havoc and James Bond saves the day.

Personally, I liked all the movies but have always liked the early ones more. Yes, I know the Roger Moore starred ones were campy and tried to infuse too much comedy into what was supposed to be an action spy movie series. They reflected the times. In fact, all the movies reflected the issues of the day at their release. It is part of the genre. Even this one, SPECTRE, it is a throwback movie and what better time to release a look back then as the Russians are saber rattling like the old Soviet Union?

What is your favorite James Bond movie?

My favorite - "Thunderball"

It looks like I'm going to have to plan a week or two or three streaming the James Bond movies!

Here is the SPECTRE trailer -
Look for it in theaters in November.

Here is a chronological list of the entire series -

Missing from the list is the 1967 Peter Sellers-David Niven Casino Royale spoof version -

Thank you to Sony Pictures and YouTube for use of the trailer. Thank you to IMDB for allowing me to link to their site. And, thank you to all the people who posted the movie poster images on the internet.

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