Monday, July 27, 2015

42 year old Cold War site gets a new lease on life

The other day I posted on how a Cold War Nike site was being razed to make way for a new municipal center. It garnished quite a bit of traffic from around the world. Today, I'd like to share a site that is getting a facelift and new purpose. Cavalier Air Force Station, North Dakota

The Cavalier Air Force Station, which has seen limited improvements since it was built in the early 1970s to deter the Soviet Union's nuclear arsenal, is getting a major facelift. It includes. . .

Link over to read the balance of the article here.

New recreation area 

Early base photo

Part of the base's new mission is tracking all of the "stuff" we have floating around in space orbiting our world. Of course, the original mission still stands, watching space for incoming ICBMs. From the areal view photos I found in the web, you Air Force guys did get stationed in some out of the way places!

Here are a couple more photos of the base as it is today.

New Base Housing

Dormitory to be redone in future

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