Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Greatest Killer on the Battlefield

Someone shared this with me on Facebook and I thought it would be a great to pass it on here.

This is for all the Artillerymen out their on the interweb! Enjoy!

I'd give credit where credit is due for whomever produced this art poster but alas, I do not know who did this. The Facebook post said it was from the 1970s. I do not remember which Facebook Group I "borrowed" it from. If anyone knows its origin, please email me or comment below and I'll give proper credit.


  1. I believe this is a poster done by an artist/cartoonist named Finely. They were available in clothing sales and Mueseum gift shops at Ft Sill in the 70s and 80s. I have one in my garage by Finely titled, "Artillery Lends Dignity to What Would Otherwise be a Vuler Brawl"

    1. I used to have the Artillery Lends Dignity poster on my wall in the barracks, in the 70s. Mr. Finley is retired and lives in Germany, now.



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