Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Cold War Christmas Story

Today at mass, Deacon John told the story of a time "in the late 80s" he was living in West Germany at Christmas.

The church he belonged to at that time decided to have a Christmas party and invite the refugees fleeing communism during the lifting of travel restrictions across the border. The refugees had settled in the small town where he lived. The local refugee shelter agreed for the church to sponsor an event. The congregation provided a tree, decorations, food, and gifts for the children.

Deacon John continued explaining that as the children were opening their presents, one of the adult refugees started singing a Christmas song in their native language. Another started singing the same song in their language, then another, and another, and another, including English. All these disparate languages singing the same song.

Peace is truly universal.

What a nice Cold War story.

I just felt compelled to share it.

Thanks to Deacon John at the Nativity Church, Longwood, Florida for allowing me to borrow and paraphrase his story.

Christmas is 10 days away everyone!

JohnnyK, The Proud Cold Warrior

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