Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Birthday Karl Marx !

Yes, May 5 1818 this very interesting person entered the world and changed it forever.

This is the first in a series of post where I will introduce and discuss the leaders of the Cold War. Both East and West leadership in an alternating style will be presented.

Food for Thought
Did the Cold War Start with Karl Marx’s published works?

Karl Marx laid the ground work for his theories to take hold in Lenin’s mindset 30 plus years later, thereby causing the revolutionary spirit to take hold in late 19th Century Russia and become an adversarial world power in the 20th.
It was a natural occurrence for capitalist countries, the USA and Western Europe, to clash with a society modeled after many of Marx’s anti-capitalist theories. It took nearly half a century later to come to a boil in the late 1940s, but it was inevitable.

Short Version Book Review
Karl Marx His Life and Environment by Isaiah Berlin.

I found this book an interesting read in that it is different than most biographies which introduce and discuss a person’s life from beginning to end. Mr. Berlin incorporates an understanding of what was going on around Marx in Europe at that time and discusses how it influenced Marx’s theories. His home life, relationship with associates, political involvements, and growth as a purveyor of economic theory is investigated and shared. The explanations occasionally get a little deep and cause the mind to wander but a majority of the book flows well as Marx’s life progresses.
Originally published in 1939 (my copy is from 1963), the book is a short read at 284 pages. I am glad I discovered it at the used book thrift store I frequent. It provides a quick look at Karl Marx, his life, and how he influenced the world through his observations and conclusions. Link over and obtain a copy for your own enjoyment.

Berlin, Isaiah, Karl Marx His Life and Environment, Third Edition, Oxford University Press, New York, 1963 (no ISBN number assigned)
Click to link to for a variety of editions for sale including a Kindle version

Lenin's biography will be next. Look for a review in April. Then, I will alternate between East and West leaders each month. Churchill was a fascinating read!

Until then, become a follower and catch other historical and current articles on the Cold War.

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