Thursday, May 1, 2014

Francis Gary Powers Shot Down 54 Years Ago Today!

May 1, 1960

What an interesting story started today.

I was just 6 years old and had no idea I too would become a part of the longest "War" this country ever endured, the Cold War. I entered service during one of the "Hot" periods, Viet Nam.

But, enough about me. I wish to share the story and appropriately, I think the Cold War Museum is the place to tell it.

I say this for the Museum would not exist without Powers' son, Francis Gary Powers, Jr.

Please link over to

Read and enjoy.

John Kairis
The Proud Cold Warrior

Thanks to the Cold War Museum for the link to share this story.

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Where did you serve? Military or Civilian? Stateside or Overseas. Fulda Gap? Berlin? NATO? CIA? State Department? The Dew Line? On a Missile Battery? Down in a Silo? At Sea? Under the Sea? In the Air? According to the VA over 26 million Vets are still alive. I'd bet that most served in the 1945-1991 time frame and I'd like to share your story on this blog. As long as it isn't still classified, email me with your story and I will post it here.