Thursday, May 3, 2012

May Day 2012 - Celebrate Labor or Anarchist?

Turns out that May Day 2012 did a little of both around the world.

Russia held a traditional labor march through Moscow with Putin leading the parade. The photos I saw were all about peaceful celebration of labor. Yes, there were a few signs that called for more benefits or pay but overall the signs were usually competitive in nature between one labor union and another.

In the USA the Occupy Movement fizzled. yes, there were protest and some violence in certain cities, even a bomb threat sting in Cleveland, but overall it fizzled. Seattle, the center for Anarchist now, had the most violent of street bashing, with Oakland, CA second. New York was tame in comparizon. So much for bringing American businesses to their knees.

Worldwide there were mixed events as well. All labor protest oriented and just slightly violent in nature. No mass shut downs of economies, no major looting or destruction. Just check any of the major news outlets websites and you will see photos from around the world.

The only military oriented event I found was a YouTube video of the Russian Army practicing for their May 9th Victory parade -

Check back and I'll have some more footage of the May 9th Moscow military parade.

One other thing to note is that May 1 is also the anniversary of the U2 incident with Francis Gary Powers' shootdown. I mentioned it at work and an approximately 30-year old co-worker did not have a clue as to what I was speaking of. I pulled it up on my phone for him to see. He stated that he could not even remember if his history class ever mentioned the Cold War, let alone Francis Gary Powers!

This is motivation for me to step up my research and blog even more!

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