Sunday, May 22, 2011

Loss of the USS Scorpion SSN589, 43 years ago today

On May 22, 1968 the USA's SOSUS system recorded an explosion. That explosion turned out to be the death knell of the USS Scorpion SSN 589 and her 99 man crew. God bless the crew and my condolences to the family members who may find this blog posting. Today is probably a very tough day for the remaining relatives that suffered through the tragedy. I wish you all pleasant memories of your loved ones.

I am reading Scorpion Down by Ed Offley and am very intrigued. Another book, All Hands Down, by Kenneth Sewell seems to share Offley's view and it is also on my reading list. Both books contend that the USS Scorpion was lost to Soviet intervention and not to an accident. The theory is very interesting and I will explore that idea further in this blog once I complete reading both books. I just discovered a 3rd book on the subject, Silent Steel by Stephen Johnson and I will review that book also.

Please suggest any other reading on the Scorpion and I will review it as well.

Not being a conspiracy person myself, I hope to develop my own opinion and share it here. Watch for it.

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